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Education Tax Refund

Flexiway and the Education Tax Refund – helping your child, one laptop at a time

When it comes to getting equipment for your child’s education, Flexiway makes it easy to get access to the latest technology while sticking to your family budget. Now with the Education Tax Refund, it’s more affordable than ever.

Flexiway and the ETR – making school technology even more affordable

Lisa wanted to get her son Johnny a new computer for his first day at high school. These days, many classes require assignments and assessments to be completed online so a new computer was a must. Meanwhile, Johnny was keen to try out some interactive apps and, of course, to get on Facebook to chat with his friends online. He’s keen on the cool blue Sony Vaio(RRP $1299) because that’s the one his friend Chris has and he wants one just like it. Lisa chose to sign up for Flexiway the computer for just around $19.00 per week over a 24 month term*. She liked the idea that Flexiway offered services like a loaner laptop, data back-up and the ability to upgrade to new equipment since Johnny was sure to want a new computer in a couple of years.

Now that tax time has come around in June, Lisa and her husband are ready to file their taxes and this year, they’ll have something new to look forward to. That’s because with the Education Tax Refund (ETR), they’ll be able to claim up to 50% of their Flexiway payments for Johnny’s computer back from the Federal Government. Since Lisa commenced her lease on 30 January 2010 and qualifies for the ETR because she receives the Family Tax Benefit (Part A), she’ll be entitled to a refund of up to 50% of her Flexiway payments along with any other additional school expenditures, including internet connection, books or supplies. She pays $60 a month for internet and spent $200 on books and stationery, so with her weekly Flexiway payments, she works out that she’s entitled to a $290 refund through the ETR.

The benefits of Flexiway – Loaner Laptops

Meanwhile, early in April, Johnny took his laptop to soccer practice and was showing his teammates the pictures he’d uploaded to Facebook after their last match. Michael goes to give him a high five but missed and accidentally spilled soft drink all over Johnny’s computer. Johnny was devastated because he had 3 big assignments saved on the harddrive, not to mention all the photos from his mobile phone. Fortunately, his mum had nagged him about backing up his data regularly with Flexiway's included 5GB of online data backup so Johnny was able to recover most of his work – his mum simply called Flexiway and notified them of the incident and a new loaner laptop was sent to him while his computer was sent off for repairs.

Lisa and her family can enjoy greater peace of mind, knowing they can get their equipment replaced and upgrade with flexible end of term options to the latest models. And with the Education Tax Refund, getting technology for school to suit your budget has never been easier.

Apply now so you can enjoy the same peace of mind and take advantage of great Flexiway options when you sign up for computer rental for your child.

*Prices are payable monthly and calculated with RRP of $1299 over 24 months.