About FlexiWay

What is FlexiWay?

FlexiWay is a rental product that enables you to rent brand new technology, electrical products and appliances for an agreed term. Renting means you can choose and use the goods you want, straight away, without having to pay a large upfront amount.

Who owns FlexiWay?

FlexiWay is the retail rental business of ASX listed FlexiGroup Limited. We work with individuals and business customers to provide flexible and fast rental solutions.

What are the benefits of using FlexiWay?

Renting goods through FlexiWay gives you quick and easy access to a wide range of products, plus:

  • you don’t need cash upfront - just choose the goods and then apply to rent them from us
  • you can spread the cost of the goods over its useful life - and always have the latest
  • you can better manage your money by selecting a term and monthly payment that suits your budget
  • the rented goods are covered for theft, accidental loss or accidental damage, in most circumstances, under our FlexiCare Program

What can I do if I have any concerns or feedback?

Contact us. Our award winning Customer Service Team will help with your concerns or issues. We genuinely want to hear suggestions for improvement and be given the opportunity to resolve any situations or complications that may arise.

If your complaint is not resolved by the Customer Service Team, refer your complaint to our Customer Relations Team on 1300 858 608 9am - 5pm AEST, Monday-Friday or via email Customer Relations.Complainta@Flexigroup.com.au

If your complaint is not resolved by the Customer Relations Team, you can contact our external dispute resolution scheme which is the Credit and Investment Ombudsman (CIO) on 1800 138 422.

What can I FlexiWay?

You can rent an extensive range of goods from leading brands, including computer technology, smartphones, tablets, audio visual products, electrical equipment, home appliances and white goods and business equipment.

Where can I choose the equipment to FlexiWay?

Our rental finance can be obtained at a range of top national retailers including Dick Smith, The Good Guys, Bing Lee and a range of independent dealers.

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Do I have to go through a FlexiWay retailer?

Yes. FlexiWay retailers include Dick Smith, The Good Guys and Bing Lee. Their salespeople understand how to make FlexiWay work for you.

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How do I rent with FlexiWay?

You can apply over the phone or in store. We recommend you apply over the phone to speed up the in-store process. The general steps to follow are:

  1. Call us on 1800 001 952. We will ask some employment and income questions so that we can run a quick credit check. If you're approved we'll give you an approval number.
  2. Shop at your preferred retailer with your FlexiWay approval number, and select the goods you want.
  3. Sign your FlexiWay rental agreement in store, and take your goods home.

How do I add a new item to my rental agreement?

If you want to add goods to an existing FlexiWay agreement, you can, in most circumstances. Firstly you need to contact us to go through our streamlined credit and suitability assessment. If you are approved, you can shop for your new goods. If you require any assistance, our Customer Team will be happy to talk you through the process.