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Since humans first wrestled a record player away from a T-Rex 65 million odd years ago, we’ve been dedicated to the world of hi-fi and all its related glorious gadgetry. Give us an audio source, an amplifier and a pair of speakers and we’re in heaven.

In the age of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and making everything as small as possible, listening to your favourite tunes in the home or on the run is getting easier and the quality better and better. For this reason, we’ve decided to take you through some of the latest and greatest advances in the world of the modern stereo.

If you're simply looking for the best way to enjoy a little Beethoven after a long day in the office or you’re about to shake your entire apartment block with the world’s most thundering dance party, here’s some nifty gear to soothe your music-lovin’ soul. This is all stuff you can grab from your local Harvey Norman and remember if you want to pump up the jams today you can always Flexirent those goodies right away.

1. Panasonic Giant Speaker Box Hi Fi System

Okay, let’s start with the big guns. The Panasonic Giant Speaker Box Hi System is our pick for a serious party stereo. 2300w of power coupled with Maximised Bass Technology means it has the muscle you need to fill your home with sound. Multiple playback options and a full digital triple-amp make it easy to use for you and your guests, who are no-doubt sporting several different forms of technology they wish to use with you stereo in the never ending game of, “no way man, you got to have THIS song”.


On the speaker front, this system goes for pure volume while retaining sound quality by sending your audio signal through four-way speakers with 38cm ultra super woofer, 20cm super woofer and 6cm tweeter. It will literally part you hair up close.

Supported playback and record function

USB and Aux have their own ports, a CD player and FM radio are integrated and 4GB of internal memory allows to you record and archive a whopping 1000 songs in your stereo. Once you have collected your tracks on the internal memory, this brightly-lit music system will allow you to record to a USB-connected device or alternatively create up to six playlists so you can play back your favourites in the order you want.

2. LG Super Power Mini Hi Fi System

Save physical space without sacrificing the volume and quality of your tunes. The LG Super Power Mini Hi Fi System is proper loud and custome built to party with a massive 2300w of power, LED lighting, Bluetooth streaming, USB access and a Smart DJ function.


Each 520 x 720 x 498mm speaker each contain a 15" bass woofer for crystal sound even crystal-shattering volumes

Supported playback and recording

Use the USB 2.0 port as your access point for all your party goers’ MP3 players and mobile devices. On top of the huge range of compatibility you also have the ability to record from CDs and FM radio directly onto your mobile device as well! Bluetooth streaming is also available from selected device, so there’s less chance of your laptop hitting the floor as your friends scramble for drinks on the kitchen benchtop.

Be the DJ

A smart DJ function has been developed to mix songs and add sampling effects as well as LED lighting effects designed to flash with the beat of the music! Plus, if your feet need a rest from all the dancing, there’s a karaoke function for sing-a-long.

3. Sonos Play:5 Wireless Hi Fi Music System

Is the reason your living room doesn’t have a stereo because you just can’t stand having a wad of cables traversing across your carpet? The Sonos Play:5 Wireless Hi Fi Music System for those who hate wires and love technology. Keeping on that technology angle, this one boasts some of the most innovative features we’ve seen from streaming to inbuilt internet radio.


The Sonos Play:5 uses impressive digital amplifiers individually coupled with five speakers to deliver superior sounds all around your room. The subwoofer boast rich and powerful bass sounds while two mid-range drivers and two tweeters really fill out the sound.

The sounds are already there

No matter what music genre gets you going, the Sonos Play:5 Hi Fi System has your back with pre-loaded Internet radio stations and the huge number of online music services that work with Sonos. You can also attach an external audio source into the Play:5 Sound System's analog audio input to further enhance your entertainment options.

Connect with ease

This system boasts a two-port Ethernet switch that enables Internet connectivity to your set top box, DVR, computer, game console or NAS drive.

Wireless Control

Sonos offers Free Sonos Controller apps for Android, iPhone and iPad so you can control your Play:5 Hi Fi System without getting out of bed. You can search for songs, find radio stations and adjust your settings without bothering to find your remote!

4. Sony Muteki Mini Hi Fi System with iPhone 5 Dock

The Sony Muteki Mini Hi Fi System is the little stereo that can, kick out 230W of raw power, streaming ability, iPhone dock, USB input and most importantly, LED lights to get the party started. It’s happy upright or laying flat, meaning it squeezes into small spaces to keep you kicking out the jams 24/7. Your iPod or iPhone can be locked into the system to avoid it falling out. It also works with NFC (Near Field Communication) to keep streaming as smooth as possible.

5. Sony SRS-BTX500 One Touch Connection Wireless Speaker

The Sony SRS-BTX500 is the top of Sony’s impressive wireless speaker range. A built in rechargable battery provides you with six hours playback and you’ll get advanced audio thanks to 10W+10W+20W+bass woofer speakers. Arguably the best audio you can get from a wireless speaker, you can now take your music wherever you want to go, wire-free. You can take hands-free calls thanks to a built-in speaker phone and because it’s NFC (Near Field Communication) capable, connecting to the Sony SRS-BTX500 is a seamless, incredibly easy process, without the need for passwords or unsightly cords. Just touch them together and go!

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